10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Need In Your Life

10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Need In Your Life

With more and more of us embracing our natural hair textures, the online natural hair community has grown exponentially in the last few years. These days, everything you need to know about natural hairstyle inspiration, natural hair care, protective styles and transitioning is literally at your fingertips. It can be tiresome sifting through the endless Google search pages, here’s a list of 10 exceptional Afrofemme natural hair bloggers for you. You’re welcome.

  1. Charlene MacCraney of Textured Talk

Charlene’s blog is packed with informative, easy-to-follow resources that cover everything from natural hair for beginners and natural hair care regimen to protective styles and bantu knots tutorials. 

  1. AB and MeeMee of The Kink & I

Created by AB & MeeMee, two young Nigerian city girls based in Lagos & New York, The Kink & I is a great resource filled with humorous personal natural hair experiences and well-researched advice. 

  1. Toia Barry of ToiaBarry.com

A fun natural hair blog started by Toia Barry, a Barbados native and Brooklyn girl. A great blog for quick natural hair and style inspiration. 

  1. Ariane Williams of Black Naps

Started by Ariane as a way to document her own natural hair journey, Black Naps has since grown into a one of the leading natural hair resources, an engaged online community and natural hair marketplace. 

  1. Sylvia Kerali of Curls Understood

Sylvia Kerali created Curls Understood with new naturals in mind. Packed with information and helpful Natural Hair Salon Guides and in-depth product reviews, this is an excellent place to start for those just starting to embrace their kinky, curly and Afro-textured hair.

  1. Andrea of Naturally Textured

Naturally Textured is the brainchild of natural hair verteran Andrea – with posts that offer quick insights, product reviews, natural hair care advice and style inspiration, this blog is definitely worth checking out particularly if you have Type 4 hair texture. 

  1. Lebo of Tsokung Woman

Based in Botwana, Lebo is proudly African and passionate about embracing and our natural hair. Her personal blogging style and enthusiasm for African culture and ethnic hair make her posts a joy to read. 

  1. Nikki Walton of Curly Nikki

Regarded by many as one of the top resources for curly and natural hair on the internet, Nikki uses her training in psychotherapy to tackle the self-esteem issues many Black women have when it comes to their Afro-textured hair. This unique aspect combined with tons of informative posts that delve deep into natural hair care tips, styling and advice make it one of the must-follow blogs in this list.

  1. Patrice Grell Yursik of Afrobella

Known as the Godmother of Brown beauty blogging, Trinidadian-born Patrice created the beautifully written Afrobella blog to help women embrace their natural curls, kinks & Afro-textured hair. This awardwinning blog shines a much needed light on natural hair and the divinely diverse range of skin tones and sizes women come in. 

  1. Tamara L. Floyd of Natural Hair Rules

Serial blogger and business owner, Tamara L. Floyd, has been blogging about her natural hair and healthy hair care since 2008 on the Natural Hair Rules blog. You’ll find real advice from someone who has been through the transition and “big chop”, scientific product reviews that include pH testing as well as expert advice and styling tips.



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