5 Afrofemme Bloggers You Should Follow On Medium

5 Afrofemme Bloggers You Should Follow On Medium

With more than 200 million monthly visitors, Medium is fast becoming the platform of choice for many bloggers. This massive amount of traffic and potential eyes on your blog posts is a huge advantage over platforms like Blogger and WordPress. The quality of writing on Medium tends to be leagues ahead of the usual internet babble and these five Afrofemme writers are just a taste of some of the talent this online publisher has to offer.

Ruth Terry 

American Freelancer in Istanbul, Ruth writes mainly about culture, mental health, race and travel. 

Casira Copes 

Bisexual Black Feminist & BLK INK Editor-In-Chief that writes insightful content covering queer, race, social justice and femme related topics. You can also sign up for a handy newsletter to get more of Casira’s stories sent straight to your inbox.

Sylene Joseph

Ghostwriter, copywriter and literary prize winner who covers a wide range of topics. I particularly enjoyed her latest blog published in Zora, “Black Women Deserve Therapists Who Look Like Us”.

Allison Gaines

A New Orleans native and Ph.D candidate that enjoys writing about race, equality, women and history. This blogger has a talent for covering political topics in a clear and thought-provoking way. 

Shayna Grey

Black/Bi-racial educator, activist and therapist that has a heartfelt focus on ways of healing for people of color. 

Think I’ve missed someone? Please share your favourite Afrofemme writers on Medium in the comments below.

Blogging on Medium

Medium offers bloggers a free way to get their content published online as well as access to a huge audience. And, if you join their Partner Program, you can monetize your articles easily and earn an income that will be determined by how much time people spend reading and engaging with your work. 

Already on Medium? Feel free to drop a link to your blog in the comments section.



With more than a decade of experience in marketing, remote working and blog writing, I'm passionate about empowering Afrofemme bloggers with the tools needed to create the online blogging business of their dreams. When I'm not working on a campaign as the marketing director at PICHA stock, an afrocentric visual content provider, you can find me enjoying a good book (the paper kind please), tackling DIY projects at our farmhouse in South Africa or stumbling through a yoga practise.

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