5 Types of Blog Posts You Need To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

5 Types of Blog Posts You Need To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

Starting a blog is one thing – knowing what type of blog posts to write to actually get traffic to your blog is a whole other challenge. Sometimes the hardest part of all is trying to figure out what you should write about or how you should write about it. In my experience, there are five key types of blog posts that will consistently bring traffic to your blog and I’ll delve into each of them in a little more detail in this post. 

The Pillar Blog Post

Pillar blog posts are the cornerstone content of your blog. These lengthier posts are information-packed and very specifically related to your blog niche. You would spend the most time and care crafting pillar posts because they are by far the most important type of posts you will publish on your blog. 

Pro tip: Make sure you link back to these pillar posts from other blog posts as often as possible to give your SEO a boost.

The Insider Tips Blog Post

Blog posts that share insider tips and tricks are really shareable and a great way to get traffic to your blog. These are usually shorter blog posts that share actionable tips that readers can use to achieve quick results. 

The Listicle Blog Post

Listicle blog posts tend to be hugely popular on social media because it’s convenient for readers. You can list a whole lot of excellent ideas in one place and it becomes an easily digestible resource that will most likely get you tons of backlinks.

Pro tip: You can link each item on the list to a more detailed blog post or an affiliate program that you belong to.

The Tutorial or “How To” Blog Post

Most people use the internet to learn how to do something or how to solve a particular problem. If it works for your blog niche, a tutorial or “how to” blog post can work wonders for your organic traffic stats. Think about common questions your readers would have or things that they would struggle to achieve and then write blog posts that walk them through the process step by step.

The Round-Up or “Best of” Blog Post

When you’re short on ideas then a round-up or “best of” blog post can be a lifesaver. Similar to a listicle, you are basically rounding up related content from around the web (or from your blog). This type of blog post usually requires the least amount of original content creation so it’s a good option when you’re short on time but still really want to post something to your blog.

How To Write A Good Post

There are a few key concepts and criteria that you should keep in mind when writing any type of blog post. These basic principles and guidelines will ensure that every post you write has the best possible chance of ranking well with search engines and maintaining the readers attention once they’ve landed on your blog.

  • Take time to create a title that is descriptive and highly clickable.
  • Don’t have huge blocks of solid text, break things up with paragraphs and bullet points.
  • Try to make every blog post at least 500 words long.
  • Your readers are trusting you with their time so make sure you deliver quality content packed with actionable insights and useful tips without too much fluff. 
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of images and alt image descriptions.

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