7 Digital Products You Can Create & Sell On Your Blog This Weekend

7 Digital Products You Can Create & Sell On Your Blog This Weekend

Just about every aspiring blogger dreams of creating a blog that makes money even when they aren’t uploading content every week. Whether you’re aiming to make blogging your full-time job or just keep it as a side hustle, this form of passive income is very attractive. Digital products are a great option because there’s no need to worry about shipping logistics or costs and you can automate the entire process so that, once setup, it can run entirely without any input from you.

Digital Products Versus Ad & Affiliate Income

While digital products take a little more time to set-up than ads or affiliate income, it will be a lot more profitable simply because every conversion will have a much higher dollar value. Also, because it’s a digital product, your cost per sale is exceptionally low so almost every cent will be profit. 

What type of digital products should you create?

The type of digital products that will be most profitable for you will depend on your blog niche as well as your audience’s preferences. It might be a good idea to design a survey or quick poll that you can run on social media or via your email list to find out what topics and formats would be most appealing to your audience. Alternatively, you can make a few educated guesses and see what type of traction you get. The more you do it, they more data you will have and the more successful your next digital product will be.

If you already have affiliate sales implemented on your blog, then you could look at which digital affiliate products are the most popular with your audience. This is a great data point to help you decide which digital product stands the best chances of selling well before you invest your time into creating it.

1. Printable Resources

Printable resources are some of the easiest digital products to create. The most popular types include planner pages, calendars, workbooks and worksheets. Remember to make them exceptional to justify the price tag because there are a lot of these types of digital downloads available as freebies and lead magnets on other blogs. 

An example of this type of digital product could be a fashion blogger creating a printable capsule wardrobe planner complete with the coming season’s trends and a checklist of “must-have” classic pieces. 

2. Printable Art

Digital art can be sold as printables where the buyer purchases a digital file and prints it at home. For example, if you are a mommy blogger then selling printable art for nurseries or toddlers’ playrooms could be quite lucrative. 

3. eBooks

If you have specialised knowledge or expertise then creating an ebook to sell on your blog might be a good option for you. A great research tactic would be to see what ebooks are selling well within your niche on Amazon. You can also see which of your posts drive the most traffic to your blog and then just extrapolate from that post to create a more in-depth guide or resource.

For example, a finance blogger might find that her get-out-of-debt posts bring the most traffic to her blog and decide to create an ebook titled: “5-step system to get out of debt in less than a year”.

4. Design Templates

Many bloggers don’t often think of design templates when brainstorming which digital product they should create for their audience. However, this can be particularly profitable especially if you choose to sell the template on a marketplace such as Etsy as well as your blog.

Examples of this would include a wedding blogger that sells customisable wedding invite templates and a marketing blogger that sells mega-bundles of Canva designs optimised for various social media platforms.

5. Photo Editing Presets

While photo editing presets might be the obvious choice for photographers looking to monetise their photography blogs, it is actually a good option for any blogger who has a strong aesthetic brand. If you’re a talented photographer and editor then consider creating and selling a few signature presets irrespective if you have a food, fashion or lifestyle blog.

6. Curriculum 

Downloadable curriculums, lesson plans and worksheets were quite popular during lockdown and will continue to be indemand long after. If you have a blog that caters to parents in any way, then you could consider this type of digital product when monetising your blog.

7. Scripts

One of the more unique options when it comes to monetising a blog, selling downloadable scripts can be very profitable if it addresses some of the main struggles and challenges of your audience members.

For example, a finance blogger could sell a negotiation script pack where you can copy and paste scripts for negotiating everything from debt settlement to purchasing a car. A lifestyle blogger could sell proven scripts for landing (and keeping) brand partnerships.

If you have more time available then you could consider creating other digital products like courses, membership sites and online group coaching programs.



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