Afrofem.me was started with the vision to create a space for Black Womxn who blog to learn, grow, expand their network and be inspired. On this blog you’ll find lots of free resources to help you get started in your blogging career or simply level up your blogging game if you’re already established. If you’re looking for amazing Afrofemme bloggers to follow then you can check out our Afrofemme Bloggers Directory or one of the feature articles on the blog.

Who Am I?

Currently the Marketing Director at PICHA Stock, I have more than a decade of experience in marketing and blog writing as well as a passion for remote working and creating multiple income streams. I live in an old farmhouse outside the historic small town of Swellendam, South Africa – I am passionate about intentional living and work/life balance so you’ll find many posts here about productivity, strategy and efficiency. I hope these will help you use your time optimally so you still have plenty to stop and smell the roses while creating the blogging business of your dreams.

Powered by PICHA Stock

The Afrofemme brand is powered by PICHA Stock, a visual content provider specialising in authentic afrocentric stock images and video. The brand is dedicated to #RepresentationMatters and has been working to quell dangerous stereotypes and limiting perceptions of Black people since its inception. If you’d like to explore other chapters of the Afrofemme campaign in particular, feel free to click through below:

Afrofemme Stock Image Collection: If you’d like to find our more about what we’re doing to change the visual narrative around Black women, feel free to check it out over HERE. All images in this collection are available for FREE DOWNLOAD and use across social media. Inclusive marketing that fights negative and limiting stereotypes has never been easier.

Afrofemme Merch: support a business that is run by a black female founder when you buy any of the Afrofemme merch. Enjoy bold minimalist designs that proclaim your passion for the upliftment and empowerment of the melanated woman!

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