How Can I Increase My Blog Visibility?

How Can I Increase My Blog Visibility?

Online visibility for your blog is largely dependent on your organic ranking with search engines and your reach on traffic generating social media sites like Pinterest. Focusing on these two factors, i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and an effective Pinterest strategy, is the most efficient way to boost your blog visibility. 

We’ll look at these tactics in a little more detail below as well as a few extra things you can do to increase blog visibility if your schedule has room for it. 

How can I improve my blog’s SEO quickly?

Search Engine Optimisation will not yield results overnight. In fact, new content typically only ranks with search engines 4-6 months after it’s created. You’re definitely playing for the long game when it comes to SEO. That said, once this strategy starts paying off, it will consistently bring in traffic to your blog month after month. 

Important SEO tips to improve your blog visibility:

  • Know what keywords you’re trying to rank for
  • Use internal and external links in your posts (using keywords as your anchor text)
  • Add keyword-rich categories and tags
  • Update and add content regularly 
  • Make it conversational and easy to read

Where should I share my blog content?

For most blogging niches, I always recommend Pinterest as the number one place you should be sharing your blog content. Ideally, you want to create 4 unique pin designs for every blog post you publish and place one of these designs directly into the blog post itself for easy sharing. When starting out, use manual Pinning and upload a maximum of 2 of your own (related) pins and 80% repins of other users (related and high-ranking) content during your daily Pinterest session. 

Some bloggers find success through other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you are still relatively new and don’t have much of a following yet then I’d suggest going all in on Pinterest and while treating the other platforms as secondary.

Submit your blog to relevant directories and listicles

Submitting your blog to blog directories and requesting inclusion in a listicle is time consuming but it can be well worth the effort. Directories like the Afrofemme Blogger Directory and Feedspot are free and it takes only a few minutes to submit your blog. 

To find relevant listicles, you can do a quick search for a term like “Black fashion bloggers” or “Lifestyle blogs to follow in 2021” to see who’s publishing content that highlights bloggers in your niche. You can then craft an email (try to be personal and mention something nice about their blog) where you politely and tactfully tell them about your blog and ask whether they would consider including it in their listicle. Extra credit if you find that one of the blogs currently on their list links to a 404 or no longer exists. 

Tips for authentic engagement that will increase your blog’s visibility

You can increase your blog visibility and perceived authority by actively engaging in online communities where you can offer helpful advice. Reddit, Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups are just a few of the platforms where you can start looking for your niche audience. This is also a great way of learning about your audience and what type of content they’re looking for.

For example, if you have a marketing blog, then you may seek out groups/threads where small business owners share their marketing challenges and provide some insights or direct them to relevant guides or posts on your blog.



With more than a decade of experience in marketing, remote working and blog writing, I'm passionate about empowering Afrofemme bloggers with the tools needed to create the online blogging business of their dreams. When I'm not working on a campaign as the marketing director at PICHA stock, an afrocentric visual content provider, you can find me enjoying a good book (the paper kind please), tackling DIY projects at our farmhouse in South Africa or stumbling through a yoga practise.

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