How do beginner bloggers make money?

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner bloggers make money in the same way established bloggers do. However, the percentage and amount of money earned from each income stream will vary. For example, an established blog with 100 000+ pageviews monthly might earn 80% of its income from an ad network like AdThrive where a new blogger will most likely see 80% of their income come from more active pursuits like sponsored posts, consulting and freelancing offered through their blog.

How much does a beginner blogger earn?

Realistically, most new bloggers can expect to earn between $0 and $250 in their first six months of blogging. This income is usually earned from Google Ads and the Amazon affiliate program. If you are willing to take a more active approach to building the income streams from your blog then you can expect to realistically get to $500-$1000 per month within those six months.

Recommended roadmap for monetising a new blog [with examples]

  1. Join an affiliate program/s: When choosing an affiliate program/s to join, make sure that you could authentically create quality content around that affiliate offer as well as what the commission or EPC (Earnings Per Click) you can expect. 
  1. Enable Google Ads: This is optional because the amount earned from ads will be exceptionally low during the first few months. As your traffic picks up, so will your earning potential. This is why bloggers choose to only implement ads once their blog has a bit of traffic coming through.
  1. Sell blog real estate: This monetisation tactic will require some active outreach to potential partners. Blog real estate includes things like banner ads, a listing on a resource page or directory on your blog and sponsored posts. Try to be intentional with these because the last thing you want to look like a spammy site that sells links to anyone who asks when the Google bots crawl your blog. 
  1. Sell your time, i.e coaching, consulting, freelancing and speaking gigs: As a new blog, this is probably where you’ll have the most earning potential. Make sure you are clear about the various offerings on your “Work With Me”. It could also be a good idea to list the freelancing services you offer on sites like Upwork and Fiverr for extra exposure. 
  1. Create a low-ticket product/s: While creating your own products can be a lot of work, they are an excellent way to build your future passive income from your blog as well as your authority in the niche. Low-ticket products could be print on demand stickers, downloadable Canva templates, printable artwork or an ebook for example.
  1. Create a high-ticket product: Once people start buying your low-ticket option and see how much value they get, you can upsell them on something like a course or one-on-one consultation.

For example, a new Afrofemme beauty blogger might monetise as follows:

  1. Join the Elizabeth Arden affiliate program (8% commission rate & $133.07 expected Earnings Per Click) & the Evidence Skincare affiliate program (15% commission rate & $283.84 expected Earnings Per Click) source:
  2. Enable Google Ads
  3. Reach out to small business beauty brands and offer them a special sponsored post deal that includes a sponsored post, a listing on your “local beauty brands” directory page, a banner ad on your homepage for one month and social media shoutouts.
  4. Offer one-on-one virtual make-up consultations tailored to the needs of melanated women
  5. Create a $7 ebook “7 timeless makeup looks for melanated womxn in 10min or less”
  6. Create a $150 in-depth course “Melanin & Makeup: Everything you need to know about cosmetics & skincare”

Another example could be a new marketing blogger that monetises as follows:

  1. Join the Canva affiliate program ($36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber referred) & the PICHA Stock affiliate program (20-30% commission on every sale).
  2. Enable Google Ads
  3. Offer one-on-one marketing consulting for women entrepreneurs and marketing career coaching for young marketers.
  4. Create a $5 printable “Social Media Marketing Content Planner” and a $7 ebook “How to start your own social media management agency from scratch”

Top ways to boost traffic to a new blog

More traffic means more revenue. It can take a while (usually 6-9 months) for search engines like Google to start acknowledging your blog and giving it any authority in related searches. There are some things that you can do to boost traffic while you wait for your organic traffic to grow. Here are the three best strategies I’ve found for giving your blog traffic a sizable boost:

  1. Pinterest: Easily the best way to increase traffic to a new blog (in most blogging niches), learning how to optimise your blog’s Pinterest profile and pins using sound SEO practices is key. Being consistent here is very important – that means being active on the platform every day. Also, try to create at least 5 different pins for every blog post on your blog. This will help you experiment with different designs and pin descriptions to see what works as well as make sure you have more than enough original content to pin daily.
  2. Medium: Here’s your chance to take full advantage of the fact that Medium has 60+ million active readers. There’s the opportunity to have your article be featured in their daily digest email or in the top stories section on the website or in the app. You can also write for various publications in your blogging niche on the platform. Linking back to your blog is easy in the article itself or in your bio. Where possible, be creative and thoughtful about your call to action.  If your articles do well on Medium itself you can even apply to be a part of the Medium Partner Program and create a whole new income stream for yourself. 
  3. Guest posting: Look for blogs and online publications within your niche that are more established than you are. After carefully looking at the content published as well as the audience served, craft an email to pitch yourself to do a guest post for them. Some bloggers might have a set procedure for accepting guest post submissions so make sure that you’ve checked that before reaching out to them. Again, this can potentially double as another income stream because some sites do pay guest bloggers a small fee.

If you’ve made money as a new blogger, please feel free to share your insights in the comments section!



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