How Much Do Bloggers Really Earn?

How Much Do Bloggers Really Earn?

According to a survey run by ProBlogger, 37% of participants said that they earned nothing at all from their blog. These included both blogs that were not monetised at all as well as those that were monetised unsuccessfully. Of the 73% of bloggers who did earn some money, 70% made less than $500 per month and 30% made more than $500 per month. While not all bloggers share their income report, there are quite a few outliers these days making upwards of $100K from their blogs every month.

Are some blog niches more profitable than others?

There are some blog niches that have proven to be more profitable (in general) than others. In a study done by Brandon Gaille, there are 6 main blogging niches that dominate when looking at blogs earning $2000 per month and more. The most profitable niche was found to be the personal finance niche, followed by food, marketing, lifestyle, parenting and travel.

How do bloggers make money from their blogs?

When planning the launch of your blogging career, it’s always a good idea to map out your potential monetisation strategies. There are a few different options available and the amount you earn via each monetisation tactic will depend largely on the quality of your content, the amount of traffic you have coming to your website, the engagement rate on your email list and the niche you’ve chosen. 

Quick list of monetisation strategies for bloggers:

  1. Ads – this is the easiest monetisation method. There are a few different ad networks to choose from, i.e. Google Ads, AdThrive, Mediavine, etc. It’s recommended that you run a few experiments with ad networks as well as ad placement to see what performs best for your blog.
  2. Affiliates – relatively easy to setup and doesn’t require much additional content creation. When you join an affiliate program, you’re given a special link that you place on your website when mentioning that service/product. Then, when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a commission. The most popular affiliate program is Amazon Affiliates but there are other networks that offer a much higher commission.
  3. Sponsored Posts & Brand Partnerships – sometimes brands might reach out to a blogger they feel will help them connect with their target audience for a partnership. You can also approach brands directly. The earning potential will depend on your niche, engagement and reach. Do your research before setting any rates and creating a media kit.
  4. Info Products – these include online courses and ebooks that readers can purchase from the blog.
  5. Digital Products – many bloggers make a large percentage of their income selling digital printables, planners and stickers. Other digital products could include Canva templates, Lightroom presets and downloadable artwork.
  6. Dropshipping/Merch – a great way to sell physical products without having to carry any actual stock. Print on demand companies like Printful make designing, creating and order fulfilment easy and cost effective.
  7. Consulting Services – while this one is definitely trading time for money, many bloggers are able to charge a premium rate because they’ve positioned themselves as authorities within their industry.

Who are the highest paid bloggers?

We all love a good stick-it-to-the-man story, so here’s a roundup of some of the highest paid bloggers on the internet these days:

Abby Lawsen of Just a Girl and Her Blog | $42 000+ monthly

A lifestyle blog with a focus on organisation and productivity. 

Just A Girl And Her Blog

Zoe Sugg of Zoella | $62 000 monthly

A lifestyle and fashion blog with a huge Instagram following.

Steve and Jennifer Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job | $116 000+ monthly

This blog focuses on educational content that teaches readers how to setup and manage their ecommerce business and/blog successfully.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents | $120 000+ monthly

A wildly successful personal finance blog that proves you don’t need a big social media presence to earn a fat paycheck every month.

Elisa Larson & Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess | $125 000+ monthly

A lifestyle blog run by two sisters that mainly creates DIY and decor content.

Heather & Pete Reese of It’s a Lovely Life | $175 000+ monthly

A lifestyle blog with a focus on family travel as well as teaching others how to blog successfully.

Sarah Titus of | $200 000+ monthly

This heartfelt lifestyle blog is a mixture of parenting content as well as educational content that teaches readers how to make money while being at home.

Our goal with the Afrofemme Bloggers Network & Blog is to ensure that we see a lot more Black female bloggers in lists just like these.



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