How much should I charge for a sponsored blog post?

How much should I charge for a sponsored blog post?

Quality blogs with high value audiences, i.e. audiences who spend money, can expect to earn between $75 and $5500 per sponsored post. The range is vast and depends on factors such as blogging niche, your blog’s domain authority, the number of monthly unique visitors your blog receives and the brand you’ll potentially be doing business with. 

Sponsored blog posts can be a strong pillar in your monthly blog monetization strategy when done correctly. It’s really important that new Afrofemme bloggers see the value of the sponsored content they offer brands because of the pay gap between black influencers and their white counterparts that’s recently been making headlines. We need to come together as a community and making sure our rates are market-related so we get paid what we’re worth. 

Breakdown of sponsored post rates according to number of unique monthly visitors

The graph below shares the range you should work within when setting your sponsored post rates. Your rates will lean towards the high end of the range if you’re in a high value niche like personal finance or real estate and towards the lower end if you’re in a niche like budget travel or entertainment.

If you’re not sure what your blog’s domain authority (DA) is, you can check that free of charge over on Moz.

Important considerations before you accept any sponsored content

YOUR READERS should be at the front and centre when making any big decisions about your blog. The last thing you would want is to lose readers as a result of sponsored content. That’s why I’d recommend telling your readers about this new venture to prepare them and also authentically communicate why you’re doing it. This is also a good space to emphasise that you would only accept sponsorships from brands you truly believe in and support on a personal level.

LESS IS MORE when it comes to sponsored posts on a blog – after all, exclusivity makes something a lot more sought after. By doing less sponsored posts, you can charge a premium rate, only work with the brands you really want to and take the time needed to create quality content that your readers will enjoy and engage with. 

ETHICAL BRANDS are the only ones worth doing any sponsored content partnerships with. While it can be exciting and flattering when a brand reaches out to you and wants to send money your way, you need to do your research first to make sure their brand values align with yours and that their product or service is something that you would personally spend your money on. Partnerships driven solely by monetary gain will come across as inauthentic and could cost you your readers’ trust or even result in some PR problems later down the line.

DEFINING YOUR MINIMUM RATE AND TRADE EXCHANGE GUIDELINES now will help you make sound business decisions later on when you might be influenced by emotion. For example, before deciding to work with a brand offering you product in exchange for a sponsored post, do some research and check what they’ve offered other bloggers. An easy way to do this would be to see whether social posts have been tagged #gifted or #ad by other bloggers. This will give you some insight into whether the brand genuinely just works on an exchange policy or whether they just don’t value your time and audience as must. This is a popular method used by blogger of color to weed out racial biases among brands. 

How to offer sponsored content on your blog

A professional media kit will set you up for success when you first start to pursue sponsored content partnerships for your blog. While stats about your blog and your audience are important, you should also include your rates as well as a brief outline of how you work. This way they brand will know exactly what to expect in terms of what they will receive for their money and exactly what the next steps will be. 

It should be noted that you will have to add a disclaimer to your website as well as the specific sponsored posts. This is a legal requirement and it’s important to be transparent with your readers so that you maintain their trust.

How to get brands to sponsor posts on your blog

  • Reach out: Look for brands who align with your blog’s audience and find out who the contact person is for marketing. You can then write a personalised email to introduce yourself and why you think a partnership between the brands is a good idea. 
  • Email & DMs: Once you blog starts to gain some traction, you’ll start to see that brands might actually begin reaching out to you for sponsored posts. There tends to be a lot of spammy SEO companies just looking for backlinks in this group so be careful to avoid those partnerships. 
  • Join an agency: The safest and most convenient way to land sponsored post deals is by joining an agency. Shade and Black Girl Digital are two agencies serving the Afrofemme blogger and influencer spheres and who are dedicated to fair representation and doing business brands who genuinely care about diversifying their marketing campaigns.


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