How To Choose Blog Name (with examples)

How To Choose  Blog Name (with examples)

Coming up with the perfect blog name is one of the first challenges new bloggers face. It can be quite difficult. The name you choose for your blog is important because it is the first impression many readers will have of your blog. It should be easy to remember, relevant and, depending on your niche, professional.

Struggling to come up with a catchy name for your blog? This quick-start guide is designed to help you set yourself up for success with the perfect name for your blog.

3 Things you must consider before naming your blog  

1. What is your blog about?

You need to decide what you will be blogging about, i.e. what your blogging niche will be. This can be as broad as a lifestyle blog or as specific as a plus size fashion blog for women of color. Your blog topic or niche will help you pick a suitable name as well as help you define your audience so you know who it is that you’re writing for. This will be useful when content planning in the future.

2. What are other bloggers in your niche doing?

Once you know what your blog niche will be, take some time to browse around a few blogs that are already established in that niche. You should make some notes about anything you think they do well and what you think you could do better. 

Pro tip: check out their social media to see what strategies are working best for them.

3. Will you be blogging about other topics in the future?

While it can be difficult to predict what you’ll be blogging about 10 years from now, you should consider just how much flexibility you need your blog name to have. For example, you might start blogging about college dorm life but may be a mommy blogger in the future. In this instance it would make more sense to choose a name like “Life of Dee” rather than “Dee’s College Dorm Diaries”.

Should you name your blog after yourself?

In most instances, naming your blog after yourself is definitely a good idea. It’s unique (or at least as unique as your name is) and will help you to establish your personal brand. Using your own name as your blog name also gives you a lot of flexibility as far as content goes. If you’re not sure what you’ll be posting about 5 years from now or just want the freedom to post about a variety of things then this is a great option for you. However, if you plan on selling your blog in the future, then it’s best to come up with a different blog name.

5 Ways to come up with blog name ideas

These are five easy methods you can try to come up with a catchy name for your blog.

1. Building on your first name

There are ways to incorporate your name without simply choosing a blog title that is your name and surname dot com. You can do this as randomly or niche-specific as you like using your first name or nickname. For example, Adventurous Kate is a popular travel blog and Curly Nikki is a popular natural hair blog. 

2. Using identifying traits

A popular brainstorming technique is to choose some of your identifying traits to come up with a blog name. For example, in the same travel niche as Adventurous Kate mentioned earlier, there’s also The Blonde Abroad.

3. Adjective + Noun Formula

A great formula to try when naming your blog is simply combining an adjective and a noun. Brainstorm words that are related to your niche and see what they sound like when putting them together. Two successful examples of this within the personal finance niche would be The Savvy Couple and Millennial Money.

4. Noun + Noun Formula

Combining two nouns for your blog name can be fun, relevant and ensure you come up with some that’s hard to forget. Suitcase and Heels is a wonderful example of this technique in the travel blog niche. 

5. Play with alliteration 

Using techniques like alliteration can be really useful for creating blog names that are easy to remember. A few examples include SistaSense and Textured Talk.

Once you feel inspired, go ahead and mix and match any of the elements from this list to come up with creative catchy titles for your blog!

3 Checks to do BEFORE you decide on a blog name

1. How easy is it to misspell your blog name?

Ideally, you should try and come up with a blog name that’s easy to remember, say and spell. If you choose to switch up words by leaving out letters or playing with phonics then it might be a good idea to purchase all related domain names. 

For example, if you choose “Luv Life Travel” as your blog name then you should consider registering both the domains and This way, even people who misspell your domain name will still land up at your blog.

2. Does your blog name work well as a URL?

When you have a blog name in mind, head on over to a domain availability checker and enter the name as the desired URL. This will tell you two things. You’ll be able to see if the domain is actually available for registration and whether the blog name works well (visually) as a URL.

3. Are the social media handles available for your blog name?

Before you make any final decisions about what your blog name will be, check various social media platforms to see if the handles are available or already taken. Ideally, you want to have the same handle across all social media platforms.

Now that you have a plan of action for choosing your blog name, check out this post on how to plan a year’s worth of blog content in one day



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