Real income reports from new bloggers

Real income reports from new bloggers

I know just how intimidating and challenging it can be to start a new blog with a vision of making it your full time job. The thought of trying to generate enough traffic, keyword research demands and affiliate jargon can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. Something that always encouraged me, was looking at real world examples of other new (unknown) bloggers that had managed to generate revenue from their new blogs within a few months. These income reports can be educational as well as motivational because they prove that it really can be done. 

What can a new blogger realistically expect to earn during the first few months of blogging?

A new blogger can realistically expect to earn between $0 and $250 per month during their first few months of blogging. The amount of money you earn from your blog is dependent on factors such as the blogging niche you’re in, how much quality content you’re creating, the ad network you belong to, the affiliate programs you choose to sign up for and whether or not you’re implementing any other monetisation strategies like offering sponsored posts and creating your own info products to sell. 

How do new bloggers make money from their blogs?

There are various strategies you can use to monetise a new blog. However, it’s recommended that you use a mix of a few different monetisation strategies to maximise your earning potential. Some of the options available include joining an affiliate program (or two), enabling Google Ads and selling blog real estate, your time and digital information products.

Click through to find out more about each of these monetisation strategies as well as a recommended roadmap for monetising a new blog.

Real Income Reports from New Bloggers

Personal finance blogger earns $130 in first month of blogging

Sayan of Prosmartrepreneur got his blog off to a great start with earning $130 in his very first month of blogging. With the exception of a few cents, this can all be attributed to the Bluehost affiliate program he signed up for.  

Side hustle blogger makes $241 in second month of blogging

Isa of the Isa Lillo blog managed to earn $241 after just two months of blogging. The bulk of this income ($143) was earned through sponsored posts and the rest was earned via her Bluehost affiliate link, some freelance work and ads.

Entrepreneurship and finance bloggers earned $393.82 in second month of blogging

The husband and wife team behind The Millennial Bull reported earning almost $400 just two months after starting their new blog. They monetised 18K pageviews mostly through Affiliate programs ($322) as well as with display advertising and selling their own digital products.

Lifestyle blogger made $1566.40 in fourth month of blogging

Claudia over on The Fab 20s achieved a monthly income of more that $1500 within four months of starting her blog! She did this with 120K monthly pageviews monetised via affiliate sales and the Mediavine Ad network. 

If you’d like to see just how much you could earn with your blog in the long-term, then click through to read about some of the highest paid bloggers, what they earn and how they earn it.



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